Hotmail bouncing email

Is anyone else out there getting reports of hotmail randomly bouncing emails with just a message of "failed"?

Over the last 2 weeks we've had a dozens of complaints of hosting customers spanning dozens of domains not receiving emails from hotmail users. Checking our logs shows the messages were never even attempted to be delivered and all forwarded in bounce messages literally just say "Delivery failed", yet we are still happily processing thousands of other emails from hotmail everyday.

Now I'm wondering if this is restricted to us in someway or part of a larger problem.

We had a customer of ours call and ask the same thing this week. They
run their own Exchange server, and they were getting delivery failed or
delayed to Hotmail account. Issues started on Monday and I as far as i
know, the issue went away yesterday.

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I've had hotmail complaints lately too, except when I checked my logs
the "error" has a 250 response.


"fail" or "soft fail"?

Soft fail. Someone forwarding to their hotmail account. They also said a
whole bunch of 250's with ID responses never made it to their inbox, and
that it only started happening within the last week.