Hotmail-- Again??

Hi all,

Please excuse me for any off topic info here, but I can’t seem to find the email that had the details of Hotmail’s new blocking policy.

Does someone have the name / # handy for the hotmail help line for sysadmins?

The line I got 800-656-0833 just put you into VM H*LL…

Thanks, now back to the Linksys debacle…


What is this about?
I haven't heard a thing but would explain more bounced email on our network.

In researching an answer to your question, I came across the following
information on the MSN website:

    2. After given a numeric SMTP error response code between 500 and 599
       (also known as a "permanent non-delivery response"), the sender must
       not attempt to retransmit that message to that recipient.

Microsoft Outlook doesn't follow this rule. Outlook perpetually retries
sending messages which encounter an SMTP permanent error between
500 and 599. How interesting that their on-line e-mail service has
rules that prevent use of the parent company's own products. <8-)

matthew black
california state university, long beach

Outlook is not an MTA and it is not going to connect to MSN/Hotmail's
servers to deliver mail.

And Hotmail is run by a rather different group of people than those
that code Outlook.

That outlook sends via exchange is moot .. exchange is an MTA that
supports some closed protocols other than smtp.

What I am talking about is doing remote delivery - looking up an MX
record, making a smtp connection to the remote host and delivering

Not handing off mail to a configured smarthost (whether smtp or some
other protocol is moot) is not "direct to MX"


You missed the point of my message. I am fully aware that Outlook
is an MUA and Hotmail does not let their free customers use MUAs.
Paid Hotmail customers are permitted to use their own MUA.

The point of my original post is that Microsoft owns an on-line
e-mail portal that follows RFC-[2]821 (or is it [2]822) by requiring
connecting systems to obey the 5xx response codes as permanent
failures and never attempt redelivery of the errant message.
Microsoft Outlook and Exchange do NOT understand that 5xx error codes
are permanent and will attempt redelivery, indefintely in the case of

matthew black
california state university, long beach