Horrible world trade center crash, traffic effect

Robert - which fiber went down? AT&T's?

It was dark fiber from one of our carriers (GNAPs) which is leased by
another unknown (to us) carrier. I believe they rerouted through
another city within 30-90 minutes. The fiber did travel through the
WTC buildings.

60 Hudson is reportedly intact

Our gear at 60 Hudson never even blinked. Power is and was fine and
all circuits in and out are fine.

Our POP at 32 Old Slip is unmanned at the moment since the building
was evacuated, but the fiber has been restored.

Exodus is now evacuating 111 8th Avenue in NY.

+10,000 killed in lower Manhattan.. 34 dead at the Pentagon..

I feel for all the people who have lost friends and loved ones.

Our goal is to keep lines of communication open. The best thing we
can do is to continue to enable rescue workers, friends and families
to communicate using the only method that is working reliably at this
time - The Internet. Our network is 100% operational and we currently
have no outages.