Horrible world trade center crash, traffic effect (fwd)

Did you consider posting this to the list or am I just being singled out?

Andy Walden

Those of us who have circuits in Manhattan believe that this is very
relevant indeed to backbone network operations.

So let see, this concerns North America, theres operators
involved.. sounds nanogish. Just to double check the relevance heres a
snippet from Telehouse

The commercial power supply to 25 Broadway was lost at about 16:35 EDT
today. We are continuing to support those loads on generator. We are
conservatively stating that we have sufficient fuel for 24 hours or more,
but actual fuel usage seems to indicate that could possibly continue for
as long as 70 hours. Unfortunately, if the commercial power outage
continues for a longer period, we may not be able to replenish the fuel
given the state of the streets, etc. in the area. We'll watch this
situation closely

So yup, theres a good chance everyone will be affected sooner or later.

Does that qualify as relevant!?

FYI, good stories, pictures and video on www.sky.com