honoring AS-path prepend from a peer or customer?

Perhaps you should reread the original message regarding issues
associated with honoring undocumented/misrepresented AS Paths..

As for what you mention below, perhaps you should have a look at the
document referenced in the latter portion of my original message. I
can say from several years of Operational experience, what you suggest
below, in the context it's in, isn't a very good idea. There are
much more intelligent mechanisms to obtain desired ingress and egress
traffic distribution..

Now, perhaps applying policies or the like based on AS_PATH would
be reasonable to some extent, but suppressing or manipulating specific
path entries is only asking for trouble. Bedsides that, I'm not aware
of any router vendor shipping code that would do anything along these
lines, with the exception of the "private-AS" stuff that some support..


Terence wrote: