Home CPE choice

What good off the shelf solutions are out there? Should one buy the


end d-link/linksys/netgear products? I've had bad experiences with


(netgear in particular).

Some people have said that the Fritz!box is quite good. No idea if it's

approved for use in the US.


The latest Fritz!Box is delivered with firmware that supports IPv6
(native, SixXS and 6to4 tunnels). They can do VoIP, too, and even include a
built-in phone answering machine forwarding messages through email. There
are official IPv6-enabled firmwares available for several models.
They are not cheap but the quality is there. The manufacturer has been
very responsive to advanced users expectations.

If, for whatever reason the ADSL/VDSL modem part does not work well with
your ISP, it can be used as a router only, with whatever cheapo modem that
works in your area.


Patrick Vande Walle