Hollywood plot: Attack critical infrastructure while President is in town

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

I'm more worried about backhoe drivers named Bubba
who didn't call the "Call Before You Dig" number
and weren't noticed by cable route overflights
because they were grounded while Bush gets his hair cut.

I have multiple hair-raising stories about such...

One - the patrol place calls in and reports somebody digging by
the 10" dia. Magodore line. The crew chief drives the 40 minutes
and arrives to find the contractor using a pan {that ungainly
looking thing that scoops dirt into its belly; like a wheeled
horizontal kangaroo...} atop the line.

The previous pass he had taken all the coating off the line and was
lining up for another when Harold drove his truck in front of him.
This on a line full of gasoline at 600psi.

Not only had the developer and the builder ignored all the signs
but the city had OK'ed the development, when their plots showed

People may be PO'ed when a bundle of OC-48's has fade. But hit
a petro pipeline and it's 2-1 there will be widows/widowers...