History question, Morris worm

>and what's more fun, when they come back up on jan 3 or whatever, they will
>have whatever y2k problems then.

I recall after the Morris worm hit the Internet, reading a report sites
which unplugged their ARPANET connection were down longer than sites which
remain connected and got repair information over the net.

Does anyone else remember that, and knows a citation for the report (or
news story) I'm recalling?

you are correct. the only reason i remember is because shortly after
that happened, i did a tech writing paper on worms/viruses for a
college course. i interviewed several of the admins on campus (kansas
state) and read some of the reports/emails they received from around
the net.

i doubt i still have my writing and suporting materials but i'll look
around and if i find anything i'll send it to you.