Historical records of POCs

Is there an archive of POCs for some of the early netblocks (1985 or so)? We are trying to figure out some corporate history.

Asked archive.org?

Maybe https://arin.net/resources/whowas/index.html would work?

ARIN has the early archives from its predecessors, i.e SRI-NIC. I think some documents may still be paper, so there may be some gaps.

Contact hostmaster@arin.net registration services, and provide as
much detail as possible so they can check their archives.

You can also check the RFCs "Assigned Numbers" (various numbers) for early network assignments made directly by IANA.

Also there is the ARIN whowas service. Requires jumping through some additional hoops, but at least it is available.


Maybe https://www.arin.net/reference/research/whowas/ would work?

As per a question I asked 2 years ago and the response I received from ARIN - "I have confirmed that Whowas reports only go back to conversion in 2002 (when Org IDs were created and associated with IP resources)."