Hilton proxy issue


Anyone from Hilton Hotels NOC or related on here? We are seeing their
internet proxy doing weird things to http requests to servers at $DAYJOB.


Many of the hilton properties have migrated to Wayport/"attwifi". Are you seeing the requests from AT&T/Wayport or from their corporate?

(btw, if you're here and with wayport/attwifi, i would be interested in chatting briefly with you).

- Jared

The requests are coming from which is in a /16 assigned to
Hilton. As far as i know, the waypoint service has its own netblocks.


Anyone from Hilton out there? We are still having this issue. It is not a
wayport address since I looked and they are not registered under Hilton's


Better yet, does anyone have any Hilton contacts they could pass my info to?


I have BCC'd the likely appropriate Hilton contact for you on this response
so they can take a look at the NANOG emails below regarding their Internet
proxies to see if it looks like something they can assist with. They were
able to have some MTA issues corrected last time Hilton came up on the
NANOG list. Good luck!

Sounds great Jay, thanks!