HIJACKED: -- WTF? Level3 is now doing IP hijacking??


WRT the below route object, DataBank does announce IP space for Hoechst Celanese
Corporation as they are a direct customer of ours:

$ whois -h whois.radb.net
descr: /16 for Celanese
origin: AS13767
mnt-by: DBANK-MNT
changed: jpope@databank.com 20090818
source: LEVEL3

Currently, we only announce/originate the following prefixes via BGP:

via our providers, Level3 and Sprint. We asked our providers to relax their
filters for the whole /16, since Celanese owns that IP space. That may or may
not be a good idea, depending on your view of network management. We did this
in case our customer needed to announce new networks which would save us the
time/work of placing more/new route objects in the registry. We have the
appropriate LOA for this network which is validated through face-to-face
meetings with their network engineers and representatives.

DataBank is very sensitive to network abuse; we have an AUP in place with all of
our customers and will always work hard to enforce it to prevent network abuse.

I apologize that I didn't respond sooner, but I have gotten behind on my NANOG

Thank you,
Jason Pope
DataBank Holdings
214.720.2266 office