Hey Leber - you think Melissa is going to issue that refund properly or do we need to escalate this into legal actions against HE

Mike Leber - I have been waiting for a response from Melissa in your
accounting department since she insisted I sign the VISA release in
order to refund our money after your company violated the Co-Lo
agreement and shut the power down to ROW 4 in Suite 1200 with no warning
or Customer Service Response...

How long is this going to take to process?

Todd Glassey


Clearly we should all care deeply about this.


They should shut down your power again for that one.

Regards, Jeff


I don't think anyone is going to take your side after that maneuver, Todd.


I have a collection of stuffed bunnies and Hello Kitty paraphernalia, and I still think jokes about farts are funny,
but even I'm not childish enough to think pulling this kind of a stunt is even remotely acceptable.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bunch of pictures of cute kittens that need copy-pasting.

They should shut down your power again for that one.

It's like asking for them to cycle your power on and off until your stuff
starts letting out the magic smoke around event number 100,000.


... JG