Hey ISC, thanks for providing free wifi to intercage!

... instead of adding to the noise on the main list?

Because it's people on the main list that are causing the
quoting problem, and need to have it held in their faces far
more often than it is. I completely agree with LarrySheldon
here and I see the same crap in countless other mailing lists,
and it still astounds me that people I thought were intelligent
and list-etiquette-aware can become so complacent about stuff
like this. F'krissake it generally takes ONE KEYSTROKE to
remove all the quoted content from a reply composition in
most mail software, there's absolutely NO excuse. [That's
your "select all" shortcut used before typing, in case you're

I would argue that this is not a meta-issue, it points out a
central, fundamental flaw in daily practice among people who claim
to be proponents of efficient use of bandwidth and resources.