He's baaaaaaack...

He's baaaaack...

(FYI, I just got an autoresponder to learn more about his shady business.

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Yup, he's back. He and Quantum Communications prez Walt Rines are both on
the anti-spam mailing list I host ... <shameless plug>see
http://www.ybecker.net</shameless plug>

I've spoken to Sanford, in particular, quite a bit. Also have spoken to Walt
a couple times.

I think the "comeback" is genuine... this is my impression from listening
to the two of them participate in the mailing list discussions. And they do
indeed participate.

(send mail to majordomo@nstc.com, with the command "subscribe freemail" in
the body of the message, to get subscribed, but not if you are doing so with
the intent of picking on anybody, thank you... intentional flamefests will
get the instigator unsubscribed very quickly.)

All that and he's a cheezy euro-club dance track producer. What next? :slight_smile: