Help us to help you debug networks

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to ask you to help us.... so that we might help you. My group at Stanford University is building open source tools to automatically diagnose network failures such as reachability problems, networks loops, and traffic congestion. Our goal is to create tools that are useful to people who own and operate real production networks.

Would you be willing to fill out a quick 5-minute survey to help us with our research? I know we all get asked to fill out a lot of these surveys - our goal here is to learn from you, so we can help you in your job, and help the community more broadly. To test our ideas, and to help us build tools that would be useful to you, we need your input: We want to know what network problems you deal with in your network. We plan to publish the results of our survey in an anonymized, aggregated form that you might find useful, along with our research results. Please feel free to forward this email.

You can find the survey at

Many thanks. We really appreciate your time.

- Nick