Help needed configure a server

I am a newbie trying to configure and put a home server online as starter project. with some help. Specifically, dns server specifics, port forwarding, recommended hardware and software, such as router, dns server, security, etc. I would greatly appreciate any help.



Hi Peter,
I might suggest that you start at the beginning, perhaps with google or some classes - either something in person, or maybe just some introductory videos online that discuss entry level IT topics.

As far as recommended hardware, a raspberry pi may be a quick, inexpensive way to get started.

Good luck!

Everything you want to know and more can be found on


You might want to check out reddit, specifically r/homelab. That subreddit has a lot of good resources for the type of stuff you’ve described (check the wiki).

This mailing list is more aimed at enterprise-level networking, so probably not the best place to ask these kind of questions.