Hello, mci?


Not Found

The requested object was not found on this server.

Hrmph. Where?

The page is http://www.security.mci.net/dostracker

It is also accessable from the main page;


And email to "webmaster@www.security.mci.net" also
is in full working condition.

I have created a link for http://www.security.mci.net/dostrack,
so that should now work as well.


Might I suggest that it's probably a better idea to have the role-email
account be at the _domain_, rather than the machine?

webmaster@security.mci.net seems cleaner, namespace-wise... unless
security.mci.net has more than one machine with different webmasters.

-- jr 'Internet Namespace Police, Southeastern Division Office' a


Try http://www.security.mci.net/dostracker/