HE.net outage / status page ?

Anyone knows if Hurricane Electric is having an outage ? I also can’t seem to find a status page for them.

Tracerouting to for example through their network is impossible, but many other blocks are affected as well.

Verified through: https://lg.he.net/ but there’s no status page anywhere…


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Hi Scott

Anurag @ AS6939 here. Will take this discussion off list.


It would be far more helpful to have the discussion on the list as I assume others are affected as well, which is the whole point of this list.

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I’m not sure what the issue was, Anurag showed some packet traces from their network that were reaching the destination, but it is mostly fixed now ( still seeing ~5% packet loss ).

There was an issue for sure because a few blocks from Thailand/Singapore/Indonesia were not reachable at all even through random locations from HE’s LG.

From our point of view, the issue lasted about 6-7h starting @ 1AM EST.

Yes they are, seems to be a regional problem that started ~9:42Z.

Could be related or coincidence, but at the same time as this HE issue, we’ve been seeing inbound connectivity issues to Azure US Central. Azure’s ASN does have a peer to HE….


HE is one of our upstreams for our hosting in Seattle.

Looking back at some internal monitoring, the IPv4 connectivity problems started around 09:42Z. Problems appear to have been limited to v4 only.

While we were announcing via them, our incoming traffic was significantly reduced (and we received complaints) from the Eastern NA and a good chunk of Europe.

Our impression is they were starting to look at the problem around 10:30Z when we got in touch.

Allegedly the problem was fixed around 12:15Z but we haven't yet brought it back to test.

Do you know if they have a status page or some other place where they write post-mortems ?

I don't believe such a page exists, no.