HE.net, Fremont-2 outage?

I would point out that my cursory review of the document linked above
leaves a very positive impression. I don't know the actual details well
enough to know if there is any reason to doubt the document...

I would, however, tend to trust a vendor who disclosed events in this
manner. Even the best systems can fail. How a failure is handled is
in many ways the more important factor; being transparent about it is
good for confidence.

Best to plan for the occasional issue.

... JG

Absolutely! 365 Main handled this outage very well, both at the time, but
more importantly with the followup as you can see from the URL above, which
as you can see was made (very!) public by them at the time, and not covered
in "confidential/customer only/etc" warnings.

Those that have (finally) received the notification from HE about yesterdays
outage will notice the stark difference between the way they've handled it
and the way 365 Main handled things...