he.net down?

Our session with them is up and down at Any2 at OWB.

Blaming DDOS. http://status.linode.com

"The incident was a probable DDOS attack, but its behavior was unusual and difficult to identify. Our network engineers made some adjustments to the DOS countermeasures acquired after last week's incident, and that seems to have stabilized traffic flow. We apologize for the inconvenience. -Ben Larsen Hurricane Electric Internet Services"

Some supporting evidence would be nice.

- Nate Itkin

Exactly what do you expect a network which is attacked to post to NANOG, or a random web page, to "prove" they were attacked? Given the 1000s of network outages over the last decade, I can think of maybe a handful that supplied "supporting evidence".

As I said before, Mike & the gang at HE are stand-up people. If they said it was a DoS, it was a DoS - although I note they did not say it was a DoS, just probably a DoS. But I extend my faith if their lack of prevarication to even statement as well. In fact, it speaks well that they are being equivocal until they are certain themselves.

Since we're on the topic of DoS. What best practice actions can be taken AFTER such an attack?

Notifying NANOG/*NOG lists? :wink:

Wait to hear from Roland. :wink:


We are back up in LAX, 16:39PDT. Hopefully, it stays up.

~ Blaine