he.net down/slow?

Actually that's not a great idea. A notice that the recipient is
expected to handle information with unusual attention to
confidentiality is required by law to stand out so that there isn't
any ambiguity about the duties demanded of the recipient. Trade secret
cases have been lost because a sender relied on the email boilerplate,
the recipient produced intentionally public emails with the same
boilerplate, and the recipient asserted that he had no reason to
believe the particular message was any more sensitive than the
sender's routine public messages.

The use of the words "intended recipient" are also extremely problematic;
by definition, if it is addressed to me, I can be construed as being the
"intended recipient." If I then turn around and forward it to you, you
are now also an "intended recipient." Nice, eh.

... JG

They're trying to make their mistaken use of "reply all" our problem rather
than theirs. Or selecting the wrong 'J. Smith' from their contacts list.
Or any number of other dumb-ass moves we've all seen. Unfortunately, there's
no good a priori way for the recipient to know that the sender has committed
a major faux pax, except by actually reading the content.

Of particular interest - what happens if they've botched their intended
recipient, and as a result the mail bounced into my Postmaster mailbox?
At that point, I'm pretty obviously *not* the intended recipient, and the
sending individual better be ready to pay for the service they've actually
requested in their boilerplate. I mean, I'd hate to incur costs complying
with their wishes and then have to sue them to recover said costs...