HE.NET Contact / Outage

Hi Everyone,

We experienced a pretty bad HE.NET outage on Friday, May 31st where fiber/BGP were up on our side out of LAX and our route advertisements where forwarded to public ASs; however packets stalled midway in the HE network.

Urgent calls to their NOC escalating in the morning fell on death ears, with replies like “Senior techs aren’t available until later in the day”.

Can anyone on the list from HE reach out to me directly on the issue

David Deutsch
Televergence CTO

We had a similar issue at 5AM Pacific time in Ashburn VA. They blamed it on a software bug and disabled that feature.

We had another outage at the same time a week before also. They blamed it on a route table corruption that time.

We had an issue in NY as well and they blamed a router in ASH as well. Our solution was to route away.

We use HE transit here in California from multiple pops for the last 7+ years and I can only think of one outage ever

We go through waves. Stable for months, then rocky for a month, then stable, then rocky. We buy full transit from them, so have contemplated switching to peering only to reduce the issues.