Hawaii exchange and connection to mainland pops


I’m trying to figure out how is the connectivity in the Hawaiian Islands for a project I have. I’m based in Europe and my knowledge of the details of the communications in the islands is still limited. The project is based in the O’ahu island but I’m trying to understand how things are working in the whole Hawaiian islands (pure professional curiosity). I’m focusing on two aspects:

  • Content delivery and connection to content providers (Google, Apple, Netflix,…)
  • Availability of providers that can supply wavelength between Hawaiian Islands and the continent (LA, Seattle or other locations)

Doing a quick investigation I found the Aloha-IX in the PeeringDB but it looks like it doesn’t have many participants and non of them appear to be a content provider. I was expecting that Hawaii being one of the major landing points of fiber in the Pacific would have some more presence of content providers and CDNs. However, I know that the total population of the island is not that much (and disperse) and maybe not enough for such kind of deployments.

Also, in terms of connectivity to the continent I have not been too lucky finding providers with wavelength services. For the moment I have had some contact with GTT and NTT but not sure if there are any other regional/national providers that can also provide such services.

Thanks you very much in advanced for your help!

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My information is a little dated (2014) but at the time:

The University of Hawaii runs HIX
DR Fortress by the airport in Honolulu (a former Equinix site)
provides commercial access to HIX

Bill Herrin


Search engine or PeeringDB == Dr Fortress // Fred Rodi. Solid.

They have the primary IX. Charter and Level3/CL are best option for haulage or IP. #IMHO. Probably cable IRU options, but nit my space.

Let me know if no luck.

Cheers, and good luck!