Hauling gear around a NANOG meeting

Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 14:07:48 -0400
From: "Paul Wall" <pauldotwall@gmail.com>

I've not been to the conference myself, but I hear laptop and charger
is a good plan.

Following the advice of our host, David Diaz (Telx), care should be
exercised to make sure your laptop bag does not have the text "LAPTOP"
printed on it, as that would make it a target for thieves.
Additionally, don't wear white iPod earbuds, as that will likely lead
to you getting mugged on the subway, or zapped by lightning in Central

I think some of this is seriously exaggerated. The white earbud thing is
pretty silly these days as about half the folks on the subway seem to be
wearing them. (Watch out if you have fancy Bose buds, though.)

Leaving a backpack unattended ANYWHERE is a really bad idea. A lock is
of limited value, but, in a room full of laptops, it makes yours less
attractive. If you are just going between your room and te meeting in
the hotel, off-load as much as possible. The backpack gets heavy after a
while. Don't take it to lunch. Drop it in your room.

Marriott has always provided pads and pens at the meeting, although I
prefer my own pen and keep most notes on my laptop.

As far as safety, the parts in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights
where we will mostly be is safer than some other places NANOG has
met. (I won't get specific as I don't want to inspire people from those
places to fill my mailbox with defenses.) Be careful. Don't wander alone
after dark. Common sense, an uncommon thing, is your best guide.