Has PSI been assigned network 1?

>From: bmanning@ISI.EDU

> RIPE database does not control the actual routing.

>Nor does any other registry today.

Sorry, this is factually wrong. Merit PRDB does control
ANS routing. That is the only reason why it is used at all.

> I'm not sure the current RADB project has any mention
> of real-time updates of gated from the database.
> With dozens of updates we do every day it nearly as good
> as useless.

>The last customer request was for 5 minute intervals, which
>is well within the existing bounds for BGP convergance time,
>at least as reported by you for at least one Sprint box.

Did i mention that resetting BGP every 5 minutes is a sure way
to KILL internet?

It got to be incremental updates, not the "generate gated config
and then reload it entirely".

Gated processes the configs without dropping the BGP session. At
least it is designed to do so and with enough physical memory to keep
the box from paging it will. Gated is capable of digesting a new
200,000 lines configuration file and determining what it needs to do
about the differences in a minute or less. It then takes a few
minutes to go about carrying out the changes and does so without
dropping peerings, but it really has to strain to do it if the OS has
to move pages in and out of memory to do it.

>Following Dales comment, each provider may set its own parameters
>on generation of configurations, regardless of where it gets
>its data from.

Sorry, the only available technology today is heavily taxed
even w/o doing massive filtering.