Has PSI been assigned network 1?


RS does not support policies we need now.

I'd be interested to know what policies that you needed now which the RS does
not support or will not support in the near future.

We have been working with NSPs/ISPs including SPRINTLINK to set up peer
sessions with the RS (the two RS's at mae-east is BGP peering with 11 ISP/NSPs,
exchanging routes among five ASs), to identify their needs and to make the RS
meet the needs if RS does not have the function. So far, we only identified
one minor feature which one of the ASs wanted and we are in the process add it
in the RS software.

Please be careful to make distinction of:

a. the capability of the RS
b. the capability of the RADB in terms of allowing you register your policy
c. the correctness of the routes registered in IRR including RADB, RIPE, MCIDB,

By the way, is your above comments related to the one you made about
RIPE-181 of not enabling you to register your policy with ASpath expression ?

We actually looked at your policy (thanks to Sean who shared Sprintlink's
current policy with us) along with that of other ISPs. The RADB is extended
to allow the expression of routing policy in terms of AS path which is lacking
in RIPE-181 and which could be used to describe your policy.