Has PSI been assigned network 1?


>Following Dales comment, each provider may set its own parameters
>on generation of configurations, regardless of where it gets
>its data from.

Sorry, the only available technology today is heavily taxed
even w/o doing massive filtering.

Hey, have I got a deal for you!!

Exhausted from peering with 10 or more ASs at an exchange point? Like
to spend more of your time switching packets? Think the load is only going
to get worse in the future?

Get your routes from a Route Server! One Peer; No Fuss.

Call 1-800-Routing-Arbiter. No Credit Cards needed.


(PS: None of the Routing Registry, the Route Servers, or the Router
Configuration Generation Tools are tied to net-based filtering. You
can register your policy in RIPE-181/RPSL, and tell the generation
tools (both for your routers and for the Route Server) to implement
your policy with AS-path expressions rather than with net lists. Your
mileage may vary.)