Has PSI been assigned network 1?

> We don't trust our peers. We only accept routes which they are
> registered as providing transit for in the PRDB. When the RADB is in
> use, unless PSI has a route object for in the RADB, we still
> won't trust them when they try to pass us 1/8.

Curtis, you are able to do that only because all others were
legally bound to fill your database.

No one was ever legally bound to submit NACRs but most did. ICM and
others perhaps were bound by the contract they signed with their
customer, particularly if one of their key customers was the NSF, as
ICM's was.

I'm not sure people will be spending their resources on
populating database for somebody else's benefit.

Its for your benefit too if you are smart enough to use it.

(And RADB already has lots of garbadge in it).

We are already generating configs and diffing against our existing
configs. If cleanup is required, we'll help do it.