Has PSI been assigned network 1?


It's pleasure to hear from you. Network Operation have always
been a challenge balancing immediate HAVE-To-Do's with training.
Training takes time, and I've trained several folks at MERIT in
routing - so I've help build the "Internet pool". :wink:

The original query from Vadim was "why did NACR processing take so
long". My response was his people were taking a great deal more
time than needed since they did not understand CIDR or aggregation.
Sprint's policy - as Steve Richardson noted - has some very interesting
twists due to the requirements and their network's routing design.

The note about lack of training was not a comment on Sprint or
Vadim - it was simply to denote that it takes more time to perform
a function if you don't understand it. Many people do not learn
well under a crunch time period. You may be gifted to learn in that

NANOG has held sessions on the NACRs, RADB and many other things.
We also have a web page at MERIT describing these things. The templates
at MERIT and memos tried to help the NACR system. One thing I found
was that several of the new ISPs were coming on-line with out the basis
of knowledge that established networks. So.. as I talked to you
and others we tried to rapid fire catch up and on the phone training
to short cut proces of NACR training. We did this instead of point you
to endless documents. It probably left you and I unsatisfied - but most
compromises do.

Next time would you have me point you to a list of documents
in your crunch period? I really would appreciate an honest answer
because it sounds you were not fully satisfied with NACRs.

Sue Hares