Has PSI been assigned network 1?

When I last checked, we were seeing clean information from
our direct NETCOM peering, but, as I pointed out to Jessica
Yu, there were some glaring problems with what the RS there
was giving us.

The case you refered here is that among the 300 netcom routes the RS passed to
your router, several of them are not originated from Netcom.

As we discussed before, this was due to the particular routes registered in the
PRDB with incorrect or out dated AS origin field. E.g. one of the routes we
looked at was 192.33.137/24. The PRDB shows the following:

descr: NETCOM On-line Communications Services, Inc.
descr: 3031 Tisch Way
descr: Mezzanine
descr: San Jose
descr: CA 95128, USA
origin: AS2551
comm-list: COMM_NSFNET
advisory: AS690 1:2551(147) 2:1321
mnt-by: MAINT-AS2551
changed: nsfnet-admin@merit.edu 941110
source: PRDB

Note the field 'origin' here is AS2551 which is Netcom AS. While the BGP path
shows AS Path: 2551 701 IGP. So there is an inconsistency here.

Note, the data we used to test with you is from PRDB since RADB is not populated
at this point (waiting for the community to register the information). Since
the generation of AS690 configuration at this point does not rely on the AS
origin filed, so not much effort being spent to clean up the data in this field.

This actually brought an important point. That is, when ASs registering routes
in RADB, please make sure the correct 'origin' field is registered and properly
maintained. Also, it's important for ASs to start cleaning up the data in the
PRDB especially the 'origin' field if they expect the data be transdered to
RADB at some point.

Second point is that your claim of Sprint seeing clean routes directly from
Netcom could be flase because I believe Netcom advertises the same set of
routes to you as to the RS. That means you get 192.33.137/24 from them as well
unless Netcom applies a special exporting filtering when advertising routes to
you. Just checked with Netcom engineer and they do not have special filtering
with you. Please check at your router again or log the incomming advertisment
from netcom to verify it.