Has PSI been assigned network 1?


although I would like to pass on some of this information to other new
ISP's through some of the lists we are on, the material I have is not
well organized enough to easily present it to others. If some of the
operations folks could scrape together some resources to collect these
materials into a coherent web site as an introduction to Internet
operations, I'm sure many ISP's would be grateful for the chance to learn.

After some years being associated with the IEPG the observation I have
to make is that the operations folk who really do understand how the
Internet is glued together are way too busy keeping it strung together
to do anything else.

Micheal, if you have put together some information I'd be only too
happy to put it on the IEPG WEB pages as another piece of the
oprational information jigsaw puzzle. Your contribution is worthwhile
is it is pretty wishful thinking to expect other operational people to
assemble this stuff - the actual operational agenda is simply far too
pressing for most of us.

Geoff Huston

(thats http://iepg.org/iepg)