Has PSI been assigned network 1?

The problem is that even a tiniest service provider doing BGP with
some bigger provider can kill most of the Internet by injecting
a single bogus route. (I expect to hear more "RS will fix everything"
speech at this point. Relax. It is not here yet; and we had occasions
when bogus routes were killing ANS connectivity per-network filtering
notwithstanding. There are bugs and interesting incompatibilities :).

How about a speech that sez "Sprint will fix everything"?
There was a comment made in Boulder that with the addition
of Curtis's ideas on route damping and some judicious other
tweeks, that an RS could do just that. We agreed to work
on adding just such features to the RS code.

It is not clear that there was a client demand for this feature
right now. Now if Sprint were to become a RS client, and asked
for this feature, I expect that it would get higher priority
than it does now.