Has anyone imagined what could be the future HCI

Has anyone imagined this? away on increasing processing power or visual clearance of what we already have, what could be the next HCI?

Yes, somebody has imagined it.

Thanks Valdis! i am sure someone has imagined it:) was asking about the community imagination , my though it would be all virtualized on the cloud, on a bigger scale not the one we have now. Were it will end up not to buy any laptops, smartphone...etc. No processing or availability limits, your views?

HCI can't be in the cloud. MCI has to happen in the same room as the H.

And this is the wrong place to ask - for the most part, this list is about
moving the bytes across the wires, so mostly leve 2-4 in the stack. Level 6-7
is for someplace else to discuss.

This group is the most imaginative I have ever participated in. I imagine
stuff like that all the time. Most here love science & "fiction". Helps
makes for good group of problems solvers. At NANOG meetings I often
imagine it as a comic con without all the dressing up. :slight_smile:

However, the discussions here are about issues and problems directly
related equipment and configurations of moving packets.

Imagine this...if we discussed other stuff we would become so distracted,
we would probably never get much done and everyone's Internet would suck.

Thank You
Bob Evans
Fiber Internet Center

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