Hard data on network impact of the "Code Red" worm?

Um ..... brain in SirCam Mode :slight_smile: Oops!!

Been like that a lot lately--I'm tired.

But it does raise an issue with me--this started with Sean Donelan's
request for comments comparing "Code Red Worm" effects with "Baltimore
Tunnel Fire" effects.

What occurred to me a few minutes ago was that in terms of effects on us
out here at the edge, I am not sure I can distinguish "Code Red Worm"
effects from "SirCam" effects.

We might have burned more bandwidth shipping the latter around. And the
cleanup damn-sure took more work. Once a dozen NT/W2K boxen where
cleaned or certified, we thought we were pretty much through with CRW
by Monday mid-day.

I'm sure we are through with "SirCam" yet because students and faculty
are just now starting back towards "active".