Happy xmas folks

I just want to say happy xmas to everyone at NANOG.

I'm about to sign off for the holidays.


enjoy your chistmas, and you don't have to come back after the holidays, we'll be fine without you.


Thats fine.



Has a gamer, I hope ipv6 come sooon. Singleplayer videogames are a
historic weird thing. Since the begin of humanity most games has ben
cooperative or competitive. But tryiing to host a videogame (serving
the game) from behind a crappy router, using NAT, is not fun. It is
even more crappy because hardware manufactures produce these horrible
interfaces in these routers ( my favorte pet-peeve is limit to forward
6 ports).
I suppose nobody in this mail list will have any problem in
configuring one of these things. But for 99.999% of the gamers, even
the concepts are unknowm. Now that gaming is mainstream, and more
than 500 millions persons play games daily, more and more people his
exposed to the crappyness of crappy NAT configure dialogs on crappy

Please made the pain stop.

I am looking forward for a day where you would be able to avoid NAT,
and share your ip with your teammates, to have a pain-free experience.
So gamers don't have to study sites like this one: