Happy Birthday, ARPANET!

The Paley Center for Media reminds us that on this day in 1969 at 2230 PST, the first link was turned up between UCLAs Sigma 7 and SRIs 940.

A photo of the laboratory logbook is included in the Wikipedia article:


- jra

OMG: I didn't know that I've actually worked on one of the net's first machines. Though not at
the time, but a Sigma 7 at UCI in the late 70's.


crap, I'm supposed to be keeping a log book? No one told me... err do I have to log _EVERYTHING_ I do online? :confused:

Happy Birthday, Internet!


In fact, not quite.

The birthday of the internet proper is generally held to be January 1, 1983, the flag day when tcp/ip was first deployed.

It seems the Internet Society is going with October 29.



and surely no coincidence that Oct 29 is also National Cat Day

Yikes! First it was the PDP in the British Museum and now a Sigma. I don't feel old enough for the museum...

Either does Ashworth.. :wink: