happy bday IGS-R

> --bill
> (who still has a running MGS... :slight_smile:

Oh come on, Bill.. Move into 1994 at least.. :slight_smile:

Next thing you'll be telling us is that this MGS is acting as the
gateway for a VAX 11/780 and a Sun2.


  I need something to route the Chaos protocols... :slight_smile:
  (leftover symbolics machines... :slight_smile:
  3 points for knowing which was the last IOS rev that supports
  Chaos protoocls.

  The old hardware is (mostly) in storage. (microVAXen,
  Sun1s, and my pride&joy, an IBM 3033 (missing the 400Hz MGs & chillers)
  & a couple of IBM 5150s)
  Bonus points for knowing at least two other 5150 references...