H3C Technical List

Hey all,

Anyone know of a Mailing list like Cisco-NSP/Juniper-NSP for HP/H3C

I have some questions regarding some H3C Switch spanning-tree behaviour,
but I can't find anyone to ask. The couple of lists on puck have had
almost no traffic for a ling time.

Thanks all.

Hello there Skeeve!
I'll see if I can help you out. I work on comware (HPN/H3C) based gear quite a bit.

Neil Moore

Also would be interested, we've a few H3C routers.

Point people at the lists. If people need new lists just email me in private.

Jared Mauch

HP-NSP. I've been subscribed for a couple of years, it's suffice to say
volume is dead low. Guessing you've checked this and are after something
with volume.


Did you try the HP H3C web forums? That said last I checked they seemed
almost as dead as the hp-nsp list.

In this forum on HP site I see 5 post from last week