GTE outage

Was anyone affected by GTE's 5 hour NYC outage? They claimed that it was
due to a dead RSP4 card.

Michael Heller
Sr. Systems Engineer
Earthweb, Inc.

Yes, very much so... and our DS3 to our Jersey POP is due within days
now... What horrid timing. That datacenter is very low priority with
BBN. You'd think somewhere in NYC they'd have some spare hardware. You'd
also think that to get to 'bbn' customers in NYC you wouldn't have to take
the scenic route through Virginia either. I don't think the old Genuity
network is ever going to be fully integrated with BBN. We pay BBN prices
but don't get the same service as 'real' BBN customers.

Not to mention the fact that we now have to wait almost a month to get
approval on bringing in new equipment.