Griffith Park Observatory Walk/Hike

I am thinking about taking a lengthy walk to the Griffith Park Observatory on the Saturday before the event. Is anyone interested? It will take about an hour to get there. We could also do it early on morning during the event. If we left the hotel at 6:00a sharp. We could easily be back by 9:00a.

@denesh @edrolet @swinstead @shimamizu

I don’t arrive until late Saturday evening

We can always pick a 6:00a walk during the week.

Let me discuss with my partner & get back to you.

Sounds good!

I’m not arriving until Saturday afternoon. The walk sounds fun. Keep me informed of your plans.


I will be sure to let you know when we plan to walk.

@swinstead and I are going on a 30-minute walk on Monday morning. Please meet us in the lobby at 7:00 am if anyone wants to join us. We will plan our Griffith Park Excursion during our walk.