GRE on ASR9001

Anyone here running GRE tunnels between ASR9001series? I am planning to
connect some special-purpose remote sites to my core infra using
unencrypted GRE tunnels and OSPF routing. The estimated bandwidth
requirements are between 500Mbps and several Gbps. I am not planning to use
MPAs, instead the fixed 10G ports

I believe this should present no significant problems to the ASR9001, just
wanted to get a confirmation. Thanks!

Performance will be about 15Mpps per NPU.

Thanks! May I know where you found this information? Did you calculate this
using "BRKSPG-2904" or is this a result of your own testing?

Original work. But I lied, I read my notes and performance was capped
at 12Mpps, after which counters which indicate NPU starvation start to