GPS WNRO April 6th at GPS Midnight

I’ve not seen any mention of this here, so it might be off-topic, if so, sorry in advance. If you use GPS for time synchronization, this might be important. The Juniper ACX500 series and the Cisco 819 both have an embedded GPS receivers, for example.

At 23:59:42 UTC on 4/6/2019 (Midnight GPS time, which differs by 18 leap-seconds from UTC) , the 10-bit GPS Week Number broadcast by the constellation will reset to zero for the second time since the beginning of GPS on 1/6/1980.


There was a mention of this a couple of weeks ago, as a "heads-up".

When it first appeared up here, I checked with the vendor of my GPS time
appliances. The vendor told me that the testing they did of their
product showed no issues with the roll-over for specific ranges of
serial numbers. Mine is within one of the ranges.

The proof of the pudding will be what happens at 5pm PDT on my birthday,
April 6, and what ntpq reports on my edge server.

I personally fell foul of this last night. My CPAP machine switched itself off. It has an internal cellular modem which it uses to exchange usage data but since I never have to set the date and time I assume it gets this from my cellular network. Its hardly a graceful fail when the air supply turns itself off.

Sounds like something that should be reported to the FDA.

I keep mine in airplane mode and use SleepyHead to read the SD card. (I see it was shut down by the developer, but it should still work for you).

- jared

Still being maintained. …

oops, I guess I was wrong, missed the drama somehow. Ignore my previous comment.