Google opens Web Window on their Data Centers

"Where the Internet lives - Take a look inside Google's high-tech data

showed up as an article in the local _Philadelphia_Inquirer_ newspaper this

Because of prior Data Center and Google discussions on NANOG, am hoping this
is interesting to others.

Tony Patti
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I saw that yesterday. I also enjoyed looking at the inside of their datacenter on Google Street view.,-81.545817&spn=0.004806,0.010568&sll=35.900197,-81.547024&layer=c&cid=7373938251588581469&panoid=2A5KnxdctVfIXT0qFF5Z6Q&cbp=13,356.72,,0,2.73&gl=US&t=m&cbll=35.898546,-81.547919&z=17


Also worth seeing is this article which explains how their hot aisles work:
And this longer and fluffier piece in Wired:


This picture has obviously been photoshopped. If you look closely,
this is a mirrored picture: left and right sides are strictly the

It looks right the right-hand side is real and the left is just a
mirror on most of the pictures.
You can see from the LED's, empty slots in the racks, hanging cables and labels.

Here is a collect of photos you from the Reddit thread on it:

Also they did not show any of their custom networking equipment.

The whole event was all just Smoke and Mirrors.....

One of those photos looks like it came directly from the Hive in Resident Evil.

Now we know...