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Anyone else noticing Google's logo has been scrambled?

Antonio Querubin
whois: AQ7-ARIN

Jackson Pollock's Birthday -

It was done in honor of Jackson Pollock's birthday.

Tim Nowaczyk

It is Jackson Pollock's birthday


Yea, it is Jackson Pollack's B-day art...

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"We move the information that moves your world."

That's a Jackson Pollock.


Anyone else noticing Google's logo has been scrambled?

If you click on it you will see that it is a Jackson Pollack inspired
image, most likely a tribute to his birthday today.

That's one hell of a captcha..

Look closely. It's Jackson Pollock's birthday.

That will be because of Jackon Pollock's Birthday

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Question should be - How does this affect route patterns,
traffic, policies, etc.?

Heh. My first thought was the site might have been hacked. The logo looks cool though. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Antonio Querubin
whois: AQ7-ARIN

"the site" is an interesting phrase to use with Google.

What is the google site anyway? Does it exist in any one place in

Suspected global case of bitrot leading to the logo being scrambled, maybe? :slight_smile:

Anyone else noticing Google's logo has been scrambled?

Did you notice what happens when you mouse-over it (same thing that happens anytime they do a "doodle", btw).