Google Issues?

Is anyone seeing warnings today from Google that they suspect that
searches are coming from an automated source and asking to complete some
captcha-type authentication to complete a search? We have had a couple
of reports on this and I want to make sure it isn't a google issue. I
know this isn't really an operator issue but there are enough
knowledgeable people here that I thought I would ask.

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This usually indicates a heavily malware-contaminated userbase or
1-to-N NAT/PAT with a large N. Having both is what usually triggers
this, but sometimes if you are strong on one, it could be enough.


Yeah, I cannot reproduce from any other location so it seems tied to our PAT address... Guess I have to actually do work. :slight_smile: I suspect malware as our PAT is actually running less translations than typical. Checking with our IDS vendor. Thanks for the follow up.