Google having issues?

Hey guys,

I’m hearing reports of Google services (Search, Youtube, Mail, etc) going down all over the place, providing extremely spotty service. Works fine for me right now, but a lot of people seem to be having problems all over the world.

Any ideas what’s going on?


~ Em

I was having a hard time getting to Google Maps from my Verizon FiOS
connection and also from my Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel. I was able
to ping them though. Didn't try any other google services.


I've two 2 short outages to both Google Search and Google Mail/Apps over
the last 30 mins. Both cleared after a few minutes. For Search at least
it was returning a Google error page.

Comcast in the Bay Area.


At about 5 minutes to 4:00p PDT, confirmed that "it's not just you!" for; in fact, it's still saying that, although I can reach Google services on our network now.

I could also ping Google, but I tried to open a connection to port 80 on via telnet around the time I started having problems, and I was just getting connection refused (immediate RST received upon transmission of SYN) across multiple Google IPs. I then VPN'd over to an off-net DSL connection, and from there I had no trouble accessing Google, but OS X telnet (which apparently will automatically try multiple IPs if DNS resolution comes back with multiple A records) showed that it was still getting "connection refused" on a few IPs before it finally struck gold.

-- Nathan

Google rolled out an erroneous update for gmail. See
and comments.

Maybe this has something to do with these problems?