Google / GMail Geolocation

Hi Folks,

Wondering if anyone has a contact at Google who can help - I've a customer
who's attempted to log in from one of our IPs (which comes from one of
Cogent's /16 blocks) however they get an automated email response from
Google saying that they're logging in from Hong Kong, and the login was
prevented for security reasons (as someone may have their password). For
reference, the whois response shows Washington DC, and refers to Cogent's
rwhois which places us correctly at Telehouse London. Tools like Maxmind
also have our location correct.

Is there somewhere I can go to get this corrected for our leased IP ranges?
(I am aware that the long term solution is to get our own IP space - I am
working on that, I just don't have enough of a business case yet)

Off-list replies also welcome.


Have you tried to contact G through the following form?

Yes, I believe I have tried that form at some point in the past but nothing
came of it last time - I'll submit it for this instance as well.