Google Geolocation issue

Dear list readers, please forgive the noise, but if there's anyone here
from Google who can fix a geolocation issue I'd appreciate a reply. is not in the UAE, it's in Austin, Texas. Yes, I have
filled out the form to request a fix, but the AI or whatever that's
supposed to fix it has not, and we're well into 3 months after the first



I see your maxmind DB points to a right location as well as traceroute goes
to Austin.

Are you a member of their peering project? What you can see there?

Anyway, I still think that there are guys from google here that can be a
better help than me :slight_smile:

Good luck.


Email their NOC directly. I’ve had some success with that: /

Also, sign up at, there’s an option there to provide a self-published geo-feed for your IP space:

Which may or may not be taken into consideration for geo-locating your IP space :wink:
I quote: "Google can process self-published IP geolocation data for your network. This information will be used as an additional signal to help improve the location accuracy Google products."