Google GeoIP issue

Hello folks. An address we use is not identified as being in the correct location by Google. Can someone from their NOC reach out off-list?


We had the same issue, there's a form you can fill out on Google's site if
you visit the homepage from one of the IPs in question. However, I don't
remember the exact link.

I too am having a similar problem. Used the remediation link at and it’s only partially corrected. Users who log in to Google are seeing the US page after they select the preferred country and languate, but everyone else is still getting is in Austin, TX.



Im in the same boat if anyone from google wants to be a dear and help out.


If you have peering relationship with Google, you can use the
portal to self-publish geo information on your netblocks. At least you can
in theory. By their own admission, they have never checked the
self-published URL that I configured over a month ago.