Google contact?

Need some help.. Does anyone have an email contact at Google that they are willing to pass along?
All of our Apps for ISP accounts were disabled last night at about 8-9PM without notice and we are now getting swamped with calls. Possibly several hundred users affected.

Google cancelled their ISP program as of the 8th of June.

Feel free to contact me off-list for more info. They cancelled ours as well.

Hopefully, they sent you advance notice.

Google Apps for ISP EOL!topic/apps/_zgHXEBjwKU

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I'm replying on-list since it seems like a lot of people are in the same boat.

Here's a summary of what happened to us. Please feel free to jump in if you had a different experience, or have more information.

Google sent us a notice in December that as of June 8 they would be discontinuing the Google for ISPs program and that we had to find a different e-mail provider. Unfortunately, they only sent this notice to the account that initially created the service, which was un-monitored. I have heard the same thing from others. They did not include a notice about the discontinuation in their monthly billing, only in e-mail and only to the account that initiated the google service.

We actually found out about it some time in February. I spoke with the Google contact listed in the e-mail and was told that they were indeed cancelling the service, but wasn't given a reason. We also asked if it was possible to move to a different Google service, Google Apps for Business for example, but was told that it would be against their terms or service and would result in a cancellation of the service.

After a lot of research in Google's forums, it looked like a lot of other people were in the same boat we were. We ended up talking with another e-mail provider and migrating all of our mail. Several weeks ago we asked Google for an extension because the migration was taking longer than expected. We were given until the 16th of June and told that no further extensions would be given. I have spoken to one person who was given until the end of June.

Here is the original notice we received from google. I hope this helps others in the same boat

December 10, 2014
[ your-domain,com ]( )

Dear Administrator,
Thank you for being a Google customer and for using Google Apps Partner Edition (collectively, "Partner Edition").
As part of Google's integration plans, we have elected to discontinue providing the Partner Edition Services going forward. As provided in the Agreement between Google Inc. and [ ]( ), this letter serves as your formal notice that the Services will not be renewed, and our Agreement with you will terminate on June 8, 2015.

Any other Google services you have purchased (or resold, if applicable), in addition the Partner Edition product and services, will not be affected by this change. Please also note that this notice of non-renewal does not relieve you of any payment obligations you may have under the current Agreement and that you remain responsible for remitting any such owed payments in full by the applicable invoice due date for the Services.

We have prepared an Administrator transition resource website ([ ]( )) and an End User resource website ([ ]( )) to assist you through the transition. This resource center presents some of the migration options available to you and provides instructions that you can share with your customers.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you again for your business. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager below.

Account Manager: John Coull
Phone Number: [ 212- 565-3131 ]( tel:212-%20565-3131 )
Email Address: [ ]( )

Omid Kordestani
Chief Business Officer

I was actually told July 6 or 9 in my email (which was delivered to that
unmonitored mail box like you). I told customers July 1. We lost it June

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This seems to come up about once a month for quite some time on various lists.